Hi, I’m Dr Kirk Moore

I’m sure many of you have seen on the news and read articles about the newest way to reduce fat by freezing them. I do these procedures here at my office. However, I’ve come to realize that many people can’t afford these treatments and are left to keep struggling with muffin tops, love handles, stubborn belly fat, back fat, and embarrassing cellulite.
I have now made it possible AND affordable for you to do this fat freezing procedure right in your own home using my LipoBelt MD, a new clinically proven fat reduction device designed to deliver exactly the right amount of cooling to that stubborn, exercise resistant fat. LipoBelt MD uses Advanced Cold Targeting Technology cold packs that have been precisely developed to reach and maintain the target temperature to chill those fat cells, triggering natural fat cell death, without harming skin and tissue.
Within days after each LipoBelt MD use, your body will naturally metabolize and flush out those dead fat cells from your system. The remaining fat cells will eventually shift and condense down to a thinner fat layer, gradually diminishing your muffin tops, love handles, back fat, and even smoothing cellulite! Most people see results, and feel their jeans or clothes fit better in just a couple of weeks. It takes time for the body to naturally process and reduce the dead fat cells, which can vary with each individual. But within a short time you WILL begin to see a more contoured body!
With routine use, you can safely and naturally keep reducing those stubborn fat cells for significantly better results!
In just 1 hour a day for 3 weeks, LipoBelt MD can begin to reduce that stubborn belly fat, muffin tops, love handles, back fat, AND even cellulite – all those areas that never seem to go no matter how hard you workout or diet. 
Best of all…
• See visible results in fat bulges and cellulite in 3 to 10 weeks
• You do this in the privacy of your own home
• It costs a fraction of procedures done by doctors in clinics
• No repeat visits to doctors needed – saves you $$$
• It’s 100% natural—no pills, no fad diets, no surgery
• No additional exercise—LipoBelt MD works best doing nothing else
• Also effective against cellulite
• No pain, no harmful side effects
• No needles or incisions


Advanced Cold Targeting Technology


Spot treat stubborn back fat, exercise resistant muffin tops, and large areas of belly flab that sit-ups or crunches alone cannot eliminate. Reduces fat thickness to reveal tone, definition, and a flatter belly.


Smoothes dimples from cellulite, and delivers localized fat reduction to the inner and outer thighs for a firmer look.


Targets stubborn back-of-arm fat for tighter looking arms.