Advanced Cold Targeting Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will I feel while I have the LipoBelt MD on?

A. Your target areas will increasingly feel cold during the first 15 minutes. After this initial few minutes, those areas will feel slightly numb. Your body will eventually adjust to the cold and neutralize.

Q. Do I exercise while I have the LipoBelt MD on?

A. No, LipoBelt MD is designed to work best while doing very little activity such as watching tv, reading, using the computer, or talking on the phone.

Q. What type of results can I expect to see using the LipoBelt MD?

A. Results depend upon the area you are targeting, and can vary from individual to individual. Typical results are:
  • a decrease of fat thickness at the target areas
  • smoothing of cellulite at the target areas
  • Routine use of your LipoBelt MD, along with a healthy diet and exercise, provides better and longer lasting results.*

Q. When will I start to see these results?

A. Each person’s body responds at varying rates to LipoBelt MD’s Advanced Cold Targeting Technology. Results are gradual and subtle at first, though some people can experience results as early as 2 weeks, and up to 12 weeks.

Q. How long will the results last?

A. Fat cells that are sufficiently cooled are destroyed then removed from the body. To maintain your results and avoid accumulating new fat, a healthy diet and exercise is highly recommended.*

Q. What can I do to enhance my results?

A. It’s important to help your body flush out the damaged fat cells by drinking plenty of water regularly. Massaging the area(s) you are targeting periodically increases circulation and helps to rejuvenate the target area(s). Routine use of your LipoBelt MD will also increase results.

Q. Will I lose weight using LipoBelt MD?

A. LipoBelt MD is not intended to be used as a weight loss product. It aids in body contouring and targeting stubborn fat areas.

Q. Is the product safe to use longer than 20 minutes?

A. When used as directed, LipoBelt MD is completely safe for continuous use. There are no known adverse or long-term side effects from cold therapy.

Q. Are there any side effects?

A. You may experience any of the following, all of which are minor and temporary, and depending upon each person’s level of sensitivity to cold, will typically resolve within several minutes: redness on the treated areas that will subside after 20 minutes or so mild numbness from the cold or altered sensation that will subside after 10 minutes or so slight tingling on the treated areas right after use tenderness to the touch on the treated areas right after use Can you get ice burns or frostbite by using the product?

LipoBelt MD is designed to provide a barrier against ice burns or frostbite. When used as directed, the product is completely safe. As instructed, do not allow the cold packs to come into direct contact with the skin.

Q. Do I have to take any kind of supplements or follow a strict diet?

A. No, LipoBelt MD does not require any type of special supplements or pills, nor do you have to follow any strict diet plan. However, it is recommended that you keep a healthy diet and exercise to enhance your results and maintain the absence of the removed fat.*

Q. How is LipoBelt MD different than other belt products?

A. LipoBelt MD uses Advanced Cold Targeting Technology that cools and destroys fat cells, which your body naturally remove. Other belts tone your muscles by electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), or causes sweat and water loss by heat.

Q. What should I do if a chamber inside the cold pack deflates?

A. If a chamber goes flat or disappears, there is no cause for concern; the pack will not leak. However, for best results, we advise that you order a replacement.

Q. What should I do if my cold pack gets punctured or leaks?

A. The cold packs can be punctured by sharp objects, pets, or other disturbances. They can also be damaged if they are dropped onto a hard surface while in their fully frozen state. Eventually it will start to leak. Throw the damaged pack away and order a replacement. It is a good idea to periodically check your cold pack for leakage. Remember that condensation is not the same as leakage.

Q. My cold pack leaked, and I now have a stain on my clothes, carpet, chair or bed sheets. What should I do?

A. Our cold packs are strong and durable, but they can occasionally be punctured or leak. To remove any stain caused by leakage, follow the instructions for cleaning the material in question. The fluid inside the cold packs will typically not cause any staining.

* Note: Before starting any new diet or exercise program, it is advised that you consult your doctor.